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Special Edition - Breastfeeding POLO Dress
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There's no need to sweat your way through Summer. This Spiced up Sporty Polo Breastfeeding Dress is just the ticket to feel fresh through Summer. Did we also mention you can get the perfect match baby suit for bub as well?

• For matching Baby Polo Suit search Product ID 12703

《Breastfeeding Opening》Pull-aside
To whom it may concern:

Mamaway is a global breastfeeding wear specialty brand,caring about a woman’s needs throughout pregnancy and beyond, supporting the concept of natural parenting and encouraging breastfeeding for as a mother can do so. In mamaway stores, we practice the same belief: 90% of Mamaway staff are or have been nursing mothers.

Mamaway is a global brand and the marketing and advertising materials, to some extent, are designed to suit various markets. Mamaway appreciates all the feedback received recently and understands the differences the local market is of and certainly will localise the brand better for the local market in the near furture.

Again, Mamaway hugely thanks all the feedback and opinions. Mamaway is devoted ourself to help mums have an enjoyable pregnant and breastfeeding journey and without doubt, Mamaway continues supporting breastfeeding and the society.

Mamaway team

try Mamaway Breastfeeding clothes and breastfeeding tops

nursing dress

try Mamaway Breastfeeding clothes and breastfeeding dresses
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